Blue Moon Yachting F.A.Q’ S

F.A.Q’ S

What is the cost of a cabin?

The price varies with the season. All cabins have their own full head (bathroom) with a shower.  Food and a chef can be included, but many people choose to do their own provisioning and cooking.

How do I get there?

PASSPORT – is it current? check this ahead of time! DO NOT forget it! (amazing how many people do forget their passport) NOTE: If this is a USVI, Puerto Rico or FL Keys charter then no passport is needed.

TRAVELING and COVID Requirements  – obviously this is a moving target and, hopefully, soon will be a thing of the past. We will advise you on the latest requirements for your charter.

The current BVI entry protocols – Entry requirements


You can either fly from the states to St Thomas (STT) and then take a Ferry or Water Taxi over to Tortola, or fly to San Juan (SJU) and take a short island hopper flight to Tortola (EIS). Coming through St Thomas usually costs less. Some guests will fly in the day before and enjoy a day on St. Thomas before the charter.

Credit Card and cash

In the British Virgin Islands, most businesses and restaurants take Visa/Mastercard but do not take American Express.

Cash – safe to bring as much as you feel comfortable with. US dollars is the currency of the BVI.

ATMs – available on major islands.

Do you have hotel suggestions for before or after the sailing trip?

We prefer to stay at Sebastians on the Beach at Little Apple Bay on the island of Tortola or, The Mafolie on St. Thomas

If we are chartering with a Chef, how are provisions handled?

The Chef will take care of the provisions and basic bar. We will send out a food preference sheet about a month before your charter. The most important part is to let us know about any food allergies and special events, i.e. birthdays

If we are sailing without a Chef, how do we provision the boat with food for the galley?

You will always have the opportunity daily to eat at beach bars, restaurants, etc, and if you want to make meals on the boat, there is a full galley (kitchen) available. You will want to collaborate a bit on the order since we have somewhat limited space when it comes to refrigerated and frozen items. And we don’t want to have 6 dozen eggs at a time. Initial provisioning is easiest done online with Riteway. Riteway also has liquor and wine available. Other beverages are also available at Tico Liquors . Both stores will deliver the orders to the boat after you are on board. We can re-provision a few of days into the trip and along the way.
When placing an order, you will need some basic provisions such as extra kitchen trash bags and paper towels. Feel free to stuff your luggage with things you like for snacks, or things like spices, real ground peanut butter, tuna fish packets, a preferred cereal, a favorite brand of coffee or tea, flat bread for making wraps, etc. And any little boxes of things you like to eat, such as pasta, quinoa, rice, etc. Those are easy to pack and easy to make.

The boat will have a full tank of water for drinking, which is filtered and tastes fine. Some people prefer to buy gallon jugs of water and those are available at all the markets.

The charter company provides us with a little starter kit of the following:
• 1 Roll of toilet paper per head and 2 soaps per head
• 1 roll of paper towels
• 1 bottle (small ) of dishwashing liquid
• 1 bottle (small) of disinfectant
• 1 green scouring pad
• 1 pkt of hand wipes
• 1 box of large garbage bag

Restaurants in the BVI 

There are many excellent restaurants and you can also enjoy great meals at “local” spots (contact us for the latest best ones!)

Roadtown – many within walking distance of the boat of all varieties:

                    The Dove – – excellent

Restaurants along the way:

Cooper Island Beach Club –

Coco Maya, Virgin Gorda –

Leverick Bay Marina Restuarant –

Hog Heaven , Virgin Gorda –

Oil Nut Bay Marina Village, Nova –

Potters by the Sea, Anegada –

Anegada Beach Club –

Scrub Island Resort – note – also Spa

Pirates Bight, Norman Island –

What kind of water toys can we rent?

The following company offers a variety of water toys and will deliver to your sailboat. Please contact them directly or visit their website if you wish to place an order.

Island Surf and Sail, at Soper’s Hole Marina on Tortola
Shack: 284-494-0123
[email protected]

What is the weather like?

The weather year-round in the BVI is very close to perfect, but brief showers do occur and thunderstorms are quite rare. The sun of course shines all year round! For swimming, snorkeling and diving, the sea is warm throughout the year. From December to April the sea temperature is around 78 °F and 84 °F from May to November.

What to Pack?

Everyone always overpacks!! Bring about half of what you think you need in a soft sided bag. Our repeat clients come back with just a carry on!

1. Swimsuits of course….Bring as many or few as you would like, you will spend most of your time in these.
2. A few light long sleeve shirts in case your skin in not sun friendly
3. A light windbreaker or jacket in case of a cool breezy evening
4. One nice pair of clothes for an evening off the boat. 

If your party would like to come to the dinner table “dressed to impress” more often, then feel free to bring some extras. (However, P.J’s at the breakfast table and tank tops at the dinner table are always accepted).

5. Cover ups for the ladies and light t-shirts for the guys. 

NOTE: If you are not on the boat or at the beach, the locals consider it an insult to their culture if women aren’t wearing something over their swim suit, or if a man is shirtless.  

6. Hat (preferably one that will stay on in the wind)
7. Sunglasses preferably polarized  (maybe a cheap back up pair too)
8. Sandals. You won’t need them often, but its good to avoid dock splinters or glass when you go ashore. 

9. A compact pair of shoes for the occasional hike. 

A secure pair of flip flops are usually sufficient for a light trail from beach to beach. However, if you are an avid hiker and would like to really stretch those legs, bringing a pair of sneakers or more secure sandals wouldn’t be a bad idea.

10. Personal Toiletries.  

11. Daily prescriptions, medicine or vitamins. 

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain your normal routines. Taking care of your body is important when traveling, especially when you will be spending so much time in the sun!

If you are concerned about being sea sick, please bring whatever medication works best for you.   


Your crew (skipper and chef) will be putting long hours to help you have the best vacation ever. It is customary to leave a gratuity of 10-20% at your discretion. This can be in cash or Venmo before you depart.

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