Blue Moon Yachting Florida Keys Cruise

Florida Keys Cruise

Want to go on a fantastic Sailing Cruise, but don’t want to travel too far?

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Sailing the Florida Keys is a fantastic alternative to the Caribbean or the Bahamas! Easy to get to! No passport needed!

Our cruises are 7 nights/8 days from Key West Р Roundtrip. One way cruises to Key Largo or Miami are also possible with an extra fee.  Did you know that there are some beautiful, unspoiled islands west of Key West? Yes РKey West is not the furtherest west key. The Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas are further west.

The Florida Keys stretch just over 100 miles from Miami to Key West. We actually prefer a cruise that is a round trip out of Key West and includes the Marquesas/Dry Tortugas. We have been to a lot of islands all over the world and the Dry Tortugas are always a top favorite!

Here are some of the Keys that we can stop at depending on what you want to do:

Key West


Contact us today for a quote on a fabulous cruise in the Keys for your family and friends. You can book a cruise as a bareboat, with a skipper or with a skipper and mate/chef. Phone (843) 929-2026 or email to [email protected]

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